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Peggy has been practicing Yoga for over 19 years, and has been teaching in the South Jersey area for the past 16 years. Peggy studied and received her Yoga Teacher Certification through Our Lady of Lourdes Wholistic Institute in Collingswood, New Jersey. The training was primarily Kripalu style, which focuses on Body and Breath Awareness, Focusing Inward, and Being Fully Present in your body and mind. She was inspired by her teachers at Our Lady of Lourdes, and continues to learn from many other Yoga Teachers through classes, workshops, and books (including two of her sisters, Virginia Williamson and Elysabeth Williamson , who have been teaching and presenting yoga workshops and teacher trainings throughout the United States and abroad for many years!). 

Peggy began teaching Yoga to her high school daughter and friends, and then in a corporate environment, as well as private sessions. She taught classes for Evesham Township Recreation Program for 9 years, 5 years at the Kings Grant Community Center in Marlton, and began teaching yoga classes at the beautiful Lake Pine Colony Clubhouse in Medford, in January 2019. She has also taught classes at the Birchwood Lakes Colony Clubhouse during the Summer of 2019. Peggy brings her love of Yoga to her students and encourages everyone to Relax, Turn Inward, Be Aware, and Stay in the Present Moment.

Peggy believes that each person is unique and each body is different. She encourages everyone to be aware of their limitations and respect where they are at any given moment. Her gentle style of teaching Yoga allows her students to feel comfortable in practicing at their own pace, and not feel any pressure to go further in a posture than their bodies or minds allow.



"Peggy's style of teaching has made me enjoy Yoga. I have been going to her classes for over twelve years. I find her open door policy to new ideas and suggestions refreshing. She provides alternative poses when needed by her students. With every pose she emphasizes "we should always listen to our bodies." The Yoga classes and Yoga retreats are welcoming, relaxing and comforting." - Lila T

"My doctor recommended yoga to lower my blood pressure so medication would not be worked for meds! Yoga has increased my flexibility and balance, and I sleep deeply the night after a yoga class. Peggy taught me the basics of Yoga six years ago in a Yoga I class and I have continued with her, enjoying her method of teaching Hatha Yoga classes. She gives many instructions for the poses, making her class accessible to any level of Yoga. Her calm and soft spoken way and the Kings Grant venue are very relaxing." - Rosemary C

"I started practicing yoga with Peggy 3 years ago. I can’t imagine my life without yoga as I have seen so many benefits to my health and well-being. I just love Peggy’s class and the way I feel afterwards." - Barb V

"I was never a yoga person, but I decided to take Peggy's class several years ago just to see what it was all about. I have been going ever since. The movements and stretches are gentle, yet challenging, and they are organized in a way that flows naturally and makes sense. It seems like no muscle or joint is ignored, making you feel energized but also relaxed after the class is over.

Peggy guides you through each and every movement with great clarity and detail so that you can do the pose simply by listening to her instructions, and not having to watch her. The importance of this cannot be emphasized enough.

Since I began taking Peggy's classes, I have found that my balance has improved, which has helped me in other areas such as weight training, aerobics and skiing. Plus it helps my stiff, tight back which seems to get more stiff and tight with each passing year." - Nancy S

"I have taken Peggy’s yoga class for the past 12 years. Peggy gives clear, precise instructions that include the easiest version of each pose, along with ways to take the pose to a more challenging level, which makes her classes suitable for those new to yoga as well as the more experienced yogi. It also gives we students a path of progression as we gain strength and flexibility through our yoga. Since we are each built differently and we don’t all grow at the same rate or in the same direction, Peggy’s approach also gives us an infinite range of options to tailor our yoga to the needs and abilities of our own bodies." - Patti L


Peggy Koenitzer

Certified Yoga Teacher

(609) 304-1692

Peggy Koenitzer, CYT

  • Certified and Insured
  • Teaching for over 16 years
  • Group, Private, and Corporate classes

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